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A meal plan is a contract with Dining Services for a particular number of meals each week at John Jay Dining Hall, the Ferris Booth Commons, and JJ's Place. Due to a bilateral agreement, meals can also be redeemed at Hewitt Dining Hall.

Unused John Jay meals expire each Saturday night.


First-year meal plan

All first-years are required to take out a meal plan. There are three first-year meal plan options of varying price with different balances of dining hall meals and Dining Dollars that can be redeemed at other on-campus dining locations.

Most first-years are advised to choose the option with the least meals and the most Dining Dollars. Those who select the option with more meals rarely end up using all of these. As one's weekly meal swipes expire at the end of each Saturday, one would have to eat at every meal offered by dining to make the nineteen-meal-per-week plan worthwhile. The mediocrity of breakfast at Ferris makes this proposition unwieldy. However, some students, often athletes, find the bigger plan worthwhile.

Upperclassmen meal plan

Sophs, juniors and seniors are also offered meal plans, but these usually only include JJ meals. (Some come with Dining Dollars if you sign up early.)

Most upperclassmen do not sign up for meals at John Jay, since it's significantly cheaper and tastier to eat out, or even better, cook. However, upperclassmen meal plans are popular among student athletes.

Kosher meal plan

A separate and slightly more expensive option.

Halal meal plan

All you have to do is register and get a sticker on your CUID in 118 Hartley Hall.

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