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The ""600 fire"" was an event that happened the night of March 3, 2015.

  • At around 11 PM, a fire started in Barnard's dorm on 600 West 116th Street. Students in 600 and the Sulzberger Tower were forced to evacuate, though the latter were able to return later in the night. 600 residents were initially sent to LeFrak Gym, but were later advised to "find shelter." Heating and gas were shut off. Columbia and Barnard students listed open rooms on a public Google spreadsheet where displaced 600 residents could stay the night.[1][2][3]
  • Three students were sent to St. Luke's with minor injuries.
  • At around 11:30 a gas-related explosion blew the walls off Ollie's, covering the area in soot and smoke.
  • Students were allowed to return to their dorms the following day, and heat was restored in the afternoon.
  • Students criticized Barnard's initial response to the fire, including the fact that the first emergency alert was sent out at 12:20.[4]
  • DSpar later announced that while 600 wouldn't have gas in its kitchens for the rest of the semester, students would receive the option of a complementary meal plan or a food stipend, as well as a stipend for dry cleaning damaged clothing.[5]
  • As of April 2015, Ollie's and Vine are still closed due to lack of gas.

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