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Bwog's very correct representation of the results.

The Action Potential Party was a party in the 2009 CCSC elections cycle for executive board. The party, consisting of five members, was created by then presidential candidate Sue Yang in the early spring. The party ran in the first uncontested race for CCSC executive board in the council's history, receiving more than 95% of the total vote (%5 abstained from voting for executive board).


  • President: Sue Yang, CC '10
  • Vice-President for Policy: Sarah Weiss, CC '10
  • Vice-President for Funding: Nuriel Moghavem, CC '11
  • Vice-President for Campus Life: Deysy Ordonez-Arreola, CC '10
  • Vice-President for Communications: Sana Khalid, CC '11

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