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Ajanta was an "Indian" restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue at 121st St. It closed in 2016.

It didn't seem too good. Says a former WikiCU editor:

"This place is positively disgusting. It looks like an Indian restaurant, it smells like an Indian restaurant, but the food is not what any reasonable person would call Indian. Watery chutney that is devoid of any flavor, Naan that tastes like it's made with pancake mix, bizarre meat textures and curries that don't appear to have any spices at all in them.

Reviews on the Internet are entirely too kind. The food here is barely edible. It is, hands down, the worst Indian restaurant in Morningside, if not the whole universe. (Yes, it really is that bad.) If you're ever interested in trying the worst Indian food you'll ever eat, just for the sake of having the experience, give it a shot. Otherwise you may want to consider some real Indian joints like Indian Cafe."


<googlemap lat="40.811032" lon="-73.958802" type="map" zoom="16"> 40.809909, -73.958795, Ajanta Indian Restaurant


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