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Alexandra Svokos CC '14 was the editor of Bwog for 2013, and later became a Spec columnist and the editor-in-chief of Ivygate. She's currently working as an education reporter for The Huffington Post.


Svokos was named editor of Bwog in January 2013, succeeding interim editor Alex Jones.[1]

While editor, she banned coverage of the Columbia football team from Bwog[2] following the 2013 football bigotry scandal and aggressively covered the USenate's attempt to hold an indirect election[3]. Bwog's coverage compelled them to open the election up to all interested candidates,[4] but—as in all student government elections—very little of the student body bothered to vote.

Other major stories and scandals that Bwog covered during her editorship included Froscanity, the Major English Texts II cheating scandal and Lit Hum exam leak (2013), the demise of the fraternities ZBT[5] and Sigma Alpha Epsilon[6], the GREEK BΣΔΤS scandal, and CUDems opposition to Columbia's sexual assault policy.[7]


As editor of Bwog, Svokos occasionally voiced her personal opinion on major campus issues—including a proposed P/D/F policy for freshmen,[8] attempts to build "community,"[9] and student wellness.[10] After her term as editor was complete, she began writing an opinion column called 'Svocalizing' for the Columbia Daily Spectator.


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