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Arvind Narayanaswamy is a total gentleman. But not in the heat transfer class. He teaches the hardest class in the mechanical engineering curriculum with no remorse or mercy to his students. Legend (and memory) have it that he once said that he is "selfish. He teaches the class in order to not only teach the students but to learn something from the students as well." Honorable. But not always

"How are you? I mean with the material. I don't really care about outside of that. That is not my problem. If you have something else, talk to someone else. Not me."

Teaches quickly. Not fully. Tells students to ask questions to fully understand the material but then sometimes refuses to answer the questions under the guise of "it is your responsibility to figure this out."

But no disrespect is meant in any way. This man is a heat transfer genius. We just can't keep up.