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The Barnard Columbia Solidarity Network (BCSN) is a coalition of activist groups formed in December 2015 calling for a set of six demands.


Spectator reports that the BCSN is comprised of "at least seven organizations." The following organizations have been reported as members.


BCSN's six demands are as follows:

  • 1) We demand that Columbia divest our endowment from the top 200 publicly-traded fossil fuel companies.
  • 2) We demand a rape crisis center that is physically open 24 hours/day including all days during which students are housed on University campus.
  • 3) We demand an elimination of the student contribution and an increase of wages to $15 per hour for all work-study, casual employment, and campus jobs, including unpaid volunteer positions at direct service organizations such as Sexual Violence Response, CUEMS, Well Woman, Nightline, and Community Impact.
  • 4)We demand Columbia hire more faculty of color across all schools and departments; reallocate physical and financial resources for IRAAS, IRWGS, CSER, IAS, MEI, SAI; and restructure the Core Curriculum to move Intro to African-American Studies and Intro to Comparative Ethnic Studies from the Global Core to required Core classes.
  • 5) We demand that Columbia admit and retain an increased number of Black students, emphasizing low-income and local students directly affected by Columbia’s expansion.
  • 6) We demand the University invest in and actively secure jobs and affordable housing for those affected by its expansion.


In March 2016, BCSN celebrated its first victory. Student Worker Solidarity's demand, a $15 work-study minimum wage at Columbia and Barnard, was approved by the provosts.[1]

That same month, the Columbia administration rejected No Red Tape's demand for a 24-hour rape crisis center.[2]

In April 2016, Columbia Divest for Climate Justice engaged in an eight-day sit-in to demand that Columbia divest from fossil fuel investments. Results have yet to be seen.

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