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One subterranean Benoit tag of many

Benoit SEAS '01 is the pseudonym of arguably the most famous tunneler in Columbia's history, along with the likes of the infamous Ken Hechtman. He has an email address:, which was scribbled on numerous surfaces of Columbia's tunnel system while he was an undergrad. The handle "Benoit" comes from pro wrestler Chris Benoit.

Benoit has done much to publicize and help others explore the Columbia tunnels. Benoit will answer any and all questions e-mailed to him about the tunnels. In the past, Benoit has led informal tunnel tours to interested groups two or three times each school year. He may still be doing this on rare occasions, if the group is hardcore enough (not tunnel novices). The more familiar the group is with him, all the better...

Lastly, it irks him to no end when people pronounce his name "Ben-oyt".