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On the east (Columbia's campus) side of Broadway, from College Walk on 116th street to Earl Hall on 118th, there exist several food trucks popular amongst the Columbia student body. These usually stick around from lunch to dinner and not long after that. Most serve relatively cheap, filling food for slightly cheaper than fast-casual prices (think around 8 dollars).

Asian Food trucks

Most food trucks on Broadway are Asian food trucks that are around every weekday serving inexpensive, authentic food. There are several Chinese ones popular amongst international Chinese graduate students. Some of them have English names, such as Uncle Luoyang, and some of them do not, such as the green one only referred to as "Healthy" and the red one. The most popular order at these is 3 toppings, such as tomato and scrambled egg, stewed green beans, fried fish, and several Chinese dishes that lack commonly-known English names over white rice in a full-sized takeout container for $8.

There is also an unnamed red Korean food truck serving Korean food such as kimchi fried rice at a similar price point, a Thai food truck known as Miracle Thai, and a Himalayan food truck whose name that I can't remember.

Other food trucks

There are a few other food trucks that congregate on Broadway. You can find a Mexican-Peruvian truck and a halal cart there daily along with the Asian food trucks.

The ones that don't come by every day but are still often on Broadway include a Greek food truck, a taco truck (El Toro Rojo), and a Belgian waffle truck.