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A Columbia College Student Council (CCSC)-Engineering Student Council (ESC) merger is an idea that has been repeatedly, and unsuccessfully mooted, dating back to the very formation of CCSC in 1978.


1978: In the beginning

Columbia College had lacked a central top-level student council since the abolition-by-referendum of the Board of Student Representatives in 1961. When CC students finally decided they were ready for a student council again in 1978, they began drawing up plans for a unified student council for undergraduates, encompassing both CC and SEAS student bodies. However, the ambitious CC students had rather tactlessly failed to consult with the Engineering Student Council (unlike CC, SEAS had a functioning student council at that time) before publicizing a plan calling for ESC's abolition.[1] While CC students approved the referendum for creating a student council, ESC politely declined to abolish itself in favor of joining the new council.[2][3][4][5]

1992-1993: Merger revisited

In Spring 1992 CCSC and ESC seriously mooted a unified student council and even prepared a draft joint constitution. The unwieldy proposed name for the new council was the Columbia College/School of Engineering and Applied Science Student Union (CCSEASSU?).[6] Literally no one attended a forum to discuss the proposed constitution.[7] Most of the opposition to the merger was the fact that CC students would be over-represented.[8] A referendum on the joint constitution failed with 55% of students voting against the proposal.[9] The idea was revived in fall of 1993.[10]

Further consideration

The idea has since been revisited at least twice more since, including in 2006[11], and 2013.[12]