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The Campaign for Undergraduate Education is the $865 million undergraduate focused portion of the $4 billion Columbia Campaign. Publicly launched in September of 2007 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Hamilton Hall, the campaign is focused on expanding financial aid, expanding faculty, advising, and career services.

According to the campaign homepage, measures of success will include:
• $400 million to secure need-blind admissions and enhance financial aid packages for the College
• $85 million in gifts to the Columbia College Fund
• over $15 million in new financial aid endowment for General Studies
• 10 percent growth in faculty
• more Core sections taught by full-time faculty
• a new undergraduate-focused career center
• more paid internships and research opportunities for students
• a new undergraduate advising center
• more funds for international students in the College
• improved undergraduate dining facilities
• more alumni mentoring, networking, and participating in class events and admissions interviewing

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