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Captain Bayonne immediately post-launch, with water bottle visible in the air and target trash cans at left

Captain Bayonne is the superhero persona of Jimmy Olson, who works in the Columbia Admissions Department. The name is derived from Olson's citizenship in the town of Bayonne, NJ, directly across the Hudson from Manhattan. He is best known for his public excercises in front of the Low Library Steps in a ski mask and seasonal tights. After a few minutes of stretching, Captain Bayonne will take to launching water bottles using his feet, aiming for the trash cans that line the plaza. To accomplish this, Bayonne performs a semi-kicking, semi-throwing motion. It's kind of difficult to explain, but you won't forget it when you see it. His warmup moves are also entertaining - for example, when he curls up on his back on the ground and rocks back and forth.

Now that you know that his name is 'Captain Bayonne', there's no need to be a noob and call him 'mask man' or the equivalent.

In Media

Given that Captain Bayonne does his excercises weekly, you become a bit desensitized to his prescence. That doesn't stop dozens of new Columbians from posting him on their Snapchat story or Twitter(and let's face it, it still pretty fun to watch no matter how many times you've seen it). Just please don't become as oblivious as to walk between Bayonne and his target. A Tiktok of Captain Bayonne has reached semi-virality.

Community Presence

In addition to being a gem on the Columbia campus, Bayonne is also heavily involved in affairs in his hometown. Through his facebook page, Captain Bayonne coordinates fundraisers and food drives that serve the local Bayonne community.

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