Carman Floor 9 2013-2014

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Carman Floor 9 2013-2014, better known as Carman 9, is composed of the residents of the 9th floor of the first-year residence hall Carman. There were about 50 students in total who lived on the floor, but the group of students who were active and openly social on the floor is a much smaller contingent of the population. The primary social space for the residents was the floor lounge at the west end of the floor. The members of this more active group within the floor included but is not limited to (in alphabetical order by first name) Abby Porter, Alan Watson, Amanda Jimenez, Andrew Ling, Asif Shah, Brandon Marco, Brynn Harris, Cameron Dunn, Dan Singer, Eric Basile, Elise Guarna, J.C. Fitz, Jeff Rivas, Jordana Narin, Jordi Orbay, Joy Chang, Katie Ruesterholtz, Kethan Rao, Kevin Chen, Kevin Zajc, Kristian Lundberg, Kunal Shah, Kyle Lee, Kyron Griffith, Lauren De La Fuente, Noah Rivkin, Sami Aziz, Sophie Laruelle, Vivian Chen, Will Savage, William Yu, Zach Heinemann, Zach Kent, Zanwar Faraj, and Zina Sockwell.