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Cayle Ryan Pietras CC '09 was a Film Studies and Social Anthropology major. During his time at Columbia, he is noted for having worked on the Varsity Show, Columbia's oldest performing arts tradition, from its 110th incarnation until its 116th. He served on the creative team as Artistic Director for the 115th and 116th Annual Varsity Shows. Cayle was basically Columbia's equivalent of Van Wilder, since he was more or less at Columbia for almost seven years (although he has still not actually graduated).

In the professional world, he is best known for his short documentary, THROUPLE, which presents an interview taken with three gay men sharing a threesome relationship in New York City. It rose to internet popularity in September 2009 after the social media site published a short article on the film, sending commenters into a fury over the unique dynamics of the relationship portrayed.

In 2006, Cayle edited the West End Records music video for the lead single, "All Over Your Face", by gay rapper Cazwell. The video, directed by Francis Legge, became the second most-watched youtube video during its first week online. Later, it was banned from the cable channel LOGO due to explicit lyrics and sexual imagery.