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Club Bangla was recognized in Spring 2002 with the intent of establishing a common meeting place for admirers of the Bengali culture. Club Bangla is a non-national, non-denominational system where both Non-Bengalis and Bengalis from Bangladesh and West Bengal can come together to celebrate the common rich Bengali culture, heritage and language. In our own way, we strive to contribute to the future so that not only may everyone appreciate the richness we have to offer, but also so that they may help us learn each others’ backgrounds in a Western context.

Club Bangla's Objective

Club Bangla has three main objectives:

  • To take major steps in increasing awareness on campus about the language and the culture at Columbia
  • To promote better understanding and have more visible representation of the Bengali community on the Columbia and Barnard campuses
  • To cultivate a close frame of support for Columbia students and its affiliates of Bengali background and interest


If there are any questions, concerns or if you wish to simply join Club Bangla please send them to or

2011-2012 Executive Board Members

Co-President - Mashkura Chowdhury (, Mikail Kamal (

Vice President - Anika Afroz (

Treasurer - Zarin Ahmed (

Secretary - Tashmin Rahman (

Public Relations - Nazifa Rahman (

Co-Sponsorship Chair - Fatema Jannat (

Publications Officer - Marina Kushnirsky (

Events Coordinator - Farida Begum (

Senior Adviser - Nabila Chowdhury (

OCM - Sultana Ahmed

OCM - Koel Bose

OCM - Marjana Chowdhury

OCM - Tasmeha Chowdhury

OCM - Sharmin Ferdaus

OCM - Nafiz Mosharraf

OCM - Nazia Jannat

OCM - Thamina Khair

OCM - Karen Zhou

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