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One of the rotating logos on the CAA website

The Columbia Alumni Association (CAA) is an umbrella association for all university alumni that was formed in 2005-2006. You automatically become a member of the CAA upon graduation. It is not to be confused with the Columbia College Alumni Association or other individual school alumni associations.

The CAA was launched as a successor to the Alumni Federation. Its goal is to create a unified alumni association to forge a "sustainable, ongoing program of alumni relations," according to Eric Furda, VP of Alumni Relations. Whereas individual schools have had alumni associations of their own, no univeristy-wide organization dedicated planning events to bring together students from all schools had existed.

Since its launch, CAA has launched a University Alumni Newsletter, a University-wide Alumni Directory, and embarked on a blitz of events. In its first year the CAA hosted 150 events around the world that were attended by 11,000 alumni and guests. In summer 2007, it hosted a particularly glittering and star-studded alumni event in Paris.

Also in the summer of 2007, the CAA took over the Columbia Connections website.


CAA offers email addresses to Columbia alumni, provided through Google Accounts. Once you sign up, you get two accounts, one is your UNI, and the other is customizable. So if you were Joe Bloggs, you might for example get and According to a Bwog tipster is already taken.[1] Sign up soon if you want your customizable alias to be your first name!

CAA also offers email forwarding from your regular UNI account ( once you graduate.


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