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Columbia Economics Review (CER) was founded in 2009 as the first undergraduate economics journal in the United States. CER aims to promote discourse and research at the intersection of economics, business, politics, and society by publishing a rigorous selection of student essays, opinions, and research papers. CER engages individuals on campus, locally, and globally through print and online publication, speaker series, symposia, and competitions established to promote dialogue and encourage deeper insights on economic issues. The print publication, the Columbia Economics Review, is published twice a year.

CER is sponsored by the Program for Economic Research at Columbia University and the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy. CER is entirely led, organized, and operated by undergraduate students at Columbia studying academic disciplines including economics, history, engineering, and more.

In 2014, CER launched Economicus@CER, the web magazine featuring original content by the CER staff and other featured authors. Econ@CER (as it is affectionately called) provides in depth coverage of news, events, and development in the world of economics.


2018-2019 Michael Crapotta

2017-2018 Alan Lin

2016-2017 Carol Shou

2015-2016 Eitan Neugut

2014-2016 Daniel Listwa

2013-2014 James Ma

2012-2013 Hadi Elzayn

2011-2012 Skanda Amarnath

2010-2011 Pooja Reddy

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