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The Columbia Music Festival is an annual series of showcases by Columbia's best music curation organizations and CCSC. The festival typically occurs towards the beginning of April.

One of the three Columbia Music Festival 2013: Synaesthesia posters designed by Yanyi Luo, CC'13.


Music events are unique in that they bring people together for no reason. You go because you like the musician, or your friend is in some band, or because your friend has invited you and the music will accompany a good time. Unlike many of its peer institutions, Columbia is located in one of the best cities where a true festival experience is possible, as demonstrated by the fact that each of the collaborating organizations were already engaging with local and renowned acts in independent annual events or in-house music sessions. Prior to the music festival, all these events happened separately during the month of April. And food trucks came sporadically to campus.

To continue the spirit of most Columbia events, the week of events is a series of independent showcases chaired by the festival committee comprised of one member from each showcase group. Each organization involved is responsible for an event on each of their days, and because this is Columbia, all these events are typically awesome.

2013 Lineup

The inaugural festival in 2013 was started by CCSC VP Campus Life 2012-13 Yanyi Luo, inspired by Bacchanal's Lowlapalooza, Live at Lerner's 2012 Symposium festival, and the annual Postcrypt Coffeehouse Folk Fest. The 2013 committee was headed by Natalie Robehmed (CC'13, WBAR), Hannah Rubashkin (BC'13, WKCR), Geneva Miller (CC'13, Bacchanal), Robbie Lyman (CC'15, Live at Lerner), and Annika Christensen (BC'13, Postcrypt Coffeehouse).

Food trucks were brought to campus by the 2012-2013 Community Advisers headed by Taylor Chaintreuil (SEAS'13).

Date Artists Showcase Organization Food Trucks
9 April 2013 (Tuesday) Hoodie Allen, Standard Delivery, Lubeen CCSC Go Burger, Itzy Ice Cream Truck
10 April 2013 (Wednesday) Archie Pelago Live at Lerner La Bella Torte, Sweetery
11 April 2013 (Thursday) Barry Altschul's BRAHMA WKCR Treat's Truck, Seoulfood
12 April 2013 (Friday) Le1f, Children of the Night, Morri$, Earnest Blount WBAR N/A
13 April 2013 (Saturday) Macklemore x Ryan Lewis, Flosstradamus, Morningsiders Bacchanal N/A (Red Bull Truck!)
14 April 2013 (Sunday) Brittany Ann Tranbaugh, Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues, Joe Fletcher (of Joe Fletcher and the Wrong Reasons), Mountain Animation, The Fine Machines, Anthony da Costa, Mike Savino (Tall Tall Trees), Bird Courage Postcrypt Coffeehouse N/A

Reception and Press

The reception for the 2013 festival was generally good, but only time will tell for the festival in general.

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