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The Columbia Quest Scholars strives to create a space and support system for any and all low-income students attending Columbia. Through different events, initiatives, and other forms of programming, they hope to create a dialogue for low-income students that'll enable them to have a better experience here at Columbia. Their chapter is open to all students of Columbia University, so long as they support our mission of creating a space and support system for low-income students on campus.

Induction Ceremony

Beginning in the fall of 2014, the Columbia Quest Scholars chapter began an official induction ceremony for Columbia Quest Scholar first-year students in hopes of creating an empowering introduction to Columbia's campus.

Class Awareness Month

Also beginning in the fall of 2014, Class Awareness Month was born in hopes of spreading awareness of low-income students across the Columbia community.

Q-FLIP Mentorship Program

Pioneered by Joi Anderson, the Q-FLIP Mentorship Program was created as a replacement for the previous mentorship program platform.

Past Liaisons

2013 - 2014: Bill Nguyen

2014 - 2015: Lesley Cordero

2015 - 2016: Lizbeth Pena

2016 - 2017: Mary Nosa

2017 - 2018: Ian McLean