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Columbia Science Review (CSR)
Founded: 2003
Recognition: ABC
Membership: ~40
Category: Student publications

The Columbia Science Review (CSR) was formed in the summer of 2003 by Daniel Tannenbaum and Nan Ma, the founding Editor-in-Chiefs of CSR. Their junior and senior years were devoted to enhance public knowledge of science and technology in Columbia community.

CSR strives to elevate knowledge and awareness of science and technology in the Columbia community as well as foster a science community within Columbia.

When CSR was founded, many science groups existed in Columbia. but there was no science publication that sought to bring science and the general public closer. Therefore, CSR founded a scientific publication that was to be created and read by the Columbia community. Due to the nature of scientific writing, many people are easily confused and frustrated with articles filled with jargon and technicalities. Therefore, CSR aims to publish easy-to-read articles that can be understood by a very broad audience with a publication published once every semester.

In spring 2004, the first issue of Columbia Science Review was published and CSR was recognized by Columbia University as an official student group under the Columbia University Student Development and Activities and the Activities Board at Columbia.

CSR has published articles written, reviewed, and edited by Columbia students. Copies of Columbia Science Review are distributed to current Columbia students, faculty members and prospective students. The Columbia Science Review has featured articles ranging from general reviews on scientific topics to book reviews to faculty interviews.


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