Columbia Undergraduate Law Review

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Columbia Undergraduate Law Review
Founded: ----
Recognition: ABC
Membership: 20
Executive Board: Varun Char, Editor-in-Chief
Caroline Lisankie, Executive Editor
Joshua Fattal, Assistant Executive Editor
Marc Heinrich, Publisher
Sofi Sinozich, Webmaster
Category: Publication

The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review is an annual journal of legal studies research published biannually, in the fall and spring. The goal of the Review is to provide Columbia University and the public with an opportunity for the discussion of law-related ideas and the publication of undergraduate legal scholarship.


The Columbia Undergraduate Law Review encourages submissions of articles, research papers, and essays that embrace a wide range of topics and viewpoints related to the field of law. Over the years, diversions into related fields such as sociology, economics, philosophy, history, and political science have also been published. CULR accepts submissions on a rolling basis, although there is a submission deadline for both the Fall and Spring editions. From over 100 submissions, the editorial board selects approximately 5 papers for a review and editing process before print publication. Traditionally, at least one Columbia undergraduate has been published in the journal.


For more information on submission, events, contact information and archived editions, please visit the CULR website at

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