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The Directory of Classes is the online bible of all courses offered through the university. It is the online successor to the once beloved pencil books. The website is impossible to avoid when selecting courses. Unlike the registration system itself, enrollment figures reflected on the site are not posted in real-time. Instead, the directory rolls over daily, usually early in the morning.

The directory currently includes all listings for the current semester and tentative listings for following two terms (the Summer term is also included). To the dismay of many students, the directory will not include the names of instructors of certain classes until shortly before the start of the semester. Core Curriculum instructors are not revealed until after the term begins. Unlike the bulletin, it does not include course descriptions, either.

The current website is Version 3, which was implemented in May of 2001. In other words, the last time the Directory website was updated, the dot-com bubble was the greatest threat to national security.

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