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Doors are portals through which one may enter or leave a room. The author of this article - like most people - never suspected there would come a time when an article about doors would be necessary. Sadly, that time has come.

Not surprisingly for a university so very prone to conflict and scandal, a controversy has arisen surrounding the use and abuse of doors.

The controversy was first instigated when the following comments were posted on a site calling itself the "Columbia Wiki":

  • "Walking through a door at Columbia is apparently difficult. It seems students have a tendency to enter and exit buildings through the one door which is open. This causes a traffic jam. There are two doors to most building entries on campus. Next time you walk through a door pay attention to how many people are trying to get through one door (entering the building and exiting), then look around and notice that there are other available doors to walk through. A good rule of thumb is to walk through the door on the right if there are two doors. This trick also works when walking down a hallway. Simply keep your right shoulder closer to the wall. This allows two different lanes of traffic. Give it a try, maybe you will make it to your next class on time."[1]
  • "Know what's even more annoying? The people who stand in front of the one door to the building, and glare at you when you ask them to move or just push around them. That basically sums up IAB, where everyone is too busy being little ambassadors to relocate themselves to areas that are not the only entry into the building."[2]