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The Engineering Graduate Student Council (or EGSC) is the graduate-level counterpart to the Engineering Student Council. The EGSC works to pursue policy changes that are important to its consituents, as well as work on event programming for graduate students in SEAS.

In 2010, the council had a disagreement with ESC about the nature of the division of engineering seats on the University Senate. The EGSC successfully divided the seats equally among SEAS graduate and undergraduate students (1 senator per council). The first EGSC senator was elected during the Fall 2010 semester.

Council Structure

The council consists of an executive board and representatives from each of the nine departments of the school.

Executive Board

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Alumni Relations Co-Chair
  • Career Development Co-Chair
  • Social Chair
  • Interschool Chair
  • SEAS Graduate Senator

Departmental Representation

Graduate students from each of the nine departments within the school elect representatives to the council based on the size of the graduate student population within the department from the previous academic year. A department must have at least two, but no more than five, representatives.

2011 - 2012 Breakdown:

  • Applied Physics & Applied Mathematics: Two (2)
  • Biomedical Engineering: Three (3)
  • Chemical Engineering: Two (2)
  • Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics: Two (2)
  • Computer Science: Two (2)
  • Earth & Environmental Engineering: Two (2)
  • Electrical Engineering: Four (4)
  • Industrial Engineering & Operations Research: Three (3)
  • Mechanical Engineering: Three (3)

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