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Fellowships Office
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Location 105 Carman Hall
Phone 212-854-5628
Hours M-F 9-5
Website Click Here

The Fellowships Office is headed by Michael Pippenger, a refreshingly helpful administrator. The office is in charge of helping and preparing students for the application processes of various fellowships and scholarships, such as the Rhodes, Fulbright, Marshall, Truman, etc. The office was created in 200? in response to its predecessor's shortcomings in producing "wins" in these competitions for Columbia students. Lavinia Lorch, the head of the former office, was reassigned to the Scholars Office where she "helps" students.

If you're interested in applying for the Rhodes or other fellowships of its type, definitely contact Dean Pippenger. Even if you have no idea what a fellowship for you might be, talk to Dean Pippenger, because there tons of fellowships out there not named after South African diamond moguls. Really, talk to him.