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Orientation event in the GS Lounge, January 2012

General Studies Lounge or GS Lounge is a room in Lewisohn Hall for use by students in the School of General Studies. The room features 4 long tables, 6 computers, 2 NINJa printers, broken staplers, and some arm chairs. It is frequently used for GS student events, including town hall meetings, orientation, free food, and more. The rest of the time it's open 24/7 for GS students to study, relax, and eat. To enter you need to swipe in with a GS CUID.

Socially some students hang out in the lounge very frequently, while others never do.

There was a website operated by the General Studies Student Council for several years called, in reference to the room. However as of 2011 it was no longer maintained. Perhaps it was obsoleted by the very quiet Isaac.