537 West 121st Street

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537 West 121st Street
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Address 537 West 121st Street
Population 135
Barnard Residential Life and Housing

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537 West 121st Street is a Barnard College residence hall on the corner of 121st Street and Broadway.

The building was previously owned by JTS and operated as Goldsmith Hall.


3-, 4-, and 5- person suite, mostly comprised of single rooms.

There is a lounge on the 1st floor and laundry in the basement.

Floor plans

Floor plans are available at https://barnard.edu/reslife/housing-options/121st-street.


  • Suites have living rooms.
  • Close proximity to Milbank Hall and north end of campus.


  • Some singles are small
  • Slow elevator

Building address

537 West 121st Street (corner of Broadway) New York, NY 10027

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