Jewish Theological Seminary

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Jewish Theological Seminary
Established 1886
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Dean Arnold Eisen
Degrees MA, DHL, EdD, PhD
Enrollment 667 students

Jewish Theological Seminary of America is located on the northeast corner of Broadway and W 122nd St. It is known colloquially as the JTS. It is the academic and spiritual center of Conservative Judaism, the 2nd-largest movement of Judaism in the United States. The JTS consists of 5 schools:

  • Rabbinical School
  • Cantorial School
  • Graduate School
  • Davidson Graduate School of Education
  • List College (for undergraduates)

Students in List College are in dual-degree programs with either the School of General Studies (for male and female students) or Barnard College (female students only). Students in JTS and Columbia are in the Joint Program; those in Barnard are in the Double-Degree Program. Students in both programs earn both a Bachelor's Degree from Columbia/Barnard in whatever they wish, and a second Bachelor's Degree from JTS, choosing from a variety of topics such as Bible, Philosophy, Jewish History, or Talmud (Jewish law). Students may also create their own interdisciplinary major at JTS. Students in the Joint Program live in JTS housing, with freshman and sophomores living in Mathilde Schechter Residence at 415 West 120th Street, between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive, and juniors and seniors living in Goldsmith Hall at 537 W 121 St on the corner of Broadway.


Notable alumni and affiliates include Jewish philosopher Abraham Joshua Heschel, reconstructionist movement founder Mordecai Kaplan, Union for Traditional Judaism founder David Weiss Halivni, influential historian and essayist Arthur Hertzberg, author Harold Kushner, Brandeis University president Jehuda Reinharz, Jewish education pioneer Solomon Schechter, philosophy expert Neil Gillman and Talmudist and Hebrew scholar Joel Roth. Its current chancellor is modern Jewish studies scholar and former Stanford professor Arnold Eisen.


Notable current members of faculty include Neil Gillman, Joel Roth, colorful Medieval Jewish history scholar Benjamin Gampel, renowned Bible scholar Amy Kalmanofsky, National Jewish Book Award winner Shuly Rubin Schwartz, Hebrew grammarian Miles Cohen, and translator and philosophy scholar Leonard Levin.

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