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Haakon's Hall was a bar on Amsterdam Avenue between 118th and 119th Streets in the space formerly occupied by Radio Perfecto. Drinks are slightly pricey at $4-7, but the beer+shot $7 special isn't bad.

Haakon's was a major GS hangout due to sponsoring the US Military Veterans of Columbia University club. It also attracts Law, Business and SIPA students due to its location, though it's not as packed as its prime spot would indicate, giving the bar a low-key vibe. Haakon's has a jukebox and plays Motown constantly.

The concept of the bar seems to change slightly every year or so; Haakon's originally emphasized wine and upscale food, then became a cheaper bar which was more in tune with the college neighborhood. Best burger in the area when it was still open. The bar is named after his son Haakon, who also works there.

How the hell do you pronounce Haakon's? It's Norwegian.

It closed in summer 2014, to be replaced by "farm-to-table" restaurant Friedman's Lunch, which does not serve beer.


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