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A hipster is someone who rejects established culture, and usually also advocates left-wing political and lifestyle theories. Hipsters tend to like irony, wear skinny jeans and make esoteric indie band references. They seem unaware that in rejecting "established culture" they have merely established a culture of their own. Or perhaps they are hyper-aware of this, and appreciate the irony even more. This question has been argued for centuries without cease, partially due to the fact that scientists have never been able to do a true scientific study on Hipsterism because a true hipster never seriously acknowledges that he or she is a hipster, ironic exclamations excluded.

Hipsters like to congregate in Williamsburg, but many can be found in downtown Manhattan as well. Columbia has more than its fair share, but far fewer than NYU.


  • Tight pants
  • Disproportionately giant and ironically tasteless sunglasses
  • Often smokers
  • Obsessed with indie music arcana
  • Drink Pabst Blue Ribbon (also ironically)
  • Make references to the L train, which shuttles them between Brooklyn and Union Square
  • Go to bizarro costume parties at which they are photographed, and are thus later publically humiliated on Gawker