Union Square

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Union Square

Union Square results from the chaotic intersection of Broadway, Park Avenue, and 14th Street. Lots of protests happen here. Increasingly, it's becoming ground zero for New York's yoga fanatics and vegan health food nuts, not to mention NYU territory: some of the lucky bastards even have rooms overlooking the square.


  • The Greenmarket, an outdoor market for fresh foods.
  • A big and beautiful Barnes & Noble, although there is a similar one near Lincoln Center.
  • A Whole Foods Market, although there is a bigger and better one in the Time Warner Center.
  • A Trader Joe's, notable for its wine shop, where you can get $3 booze ("Two Buck Chuck" since it's officially $2.99).
  • An outdoor Christmas market, set up in December.
  • The inevitable protests and/or street performances.
  • Paragon Sports, for all your sporting needs.