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Isidor Isaac Rabi PhD '27, more often known as I. I. Rabi, was member of the physics department from 1929 until 1967, and continued to hold the title University Professor Emeritus and Special Lecturer until his death in 1988. He won the 1944 Nobel Prize for physics, the 1960 Barnard Medal for Meritorious Service to Science, and the 1980 Pupin Medal for Service to the Nation.

Rabi was the first professor honored with the rank of University Professor when it was established in 1964.

Rabi, despite being one of America's most brilliant scientists, was a notoriously bad lecturer. Of course this didn't stop so many of his grad students from going on to win the Nobel Prize. The term "Rabi Tree" was used to visually describe his impact on the field of physics.

Rabi's office, on an upper floor of Pupin Hall, has been preserved as it was when he worked there. It is now a plush study space and an extension of the Physics Library.