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The Interschool Governing Board (IGB) is a governing board which funds student groups that consist of both graduate and undergraduate students, unlike the other governing boards, which focus only on undergraduates.

The board is advised by the undergraduate Division of Student Affairs (via the Office of Civic Action and Engagement), but pulls in funding from various graduate schools and the undergraduate student life pool. It should be noted this board is also technically overseen by the University Senate.

Only a small number of groups are recognized by and receive funding from IGB, and thus the interaction between this board and the undergraduate body is very minute, though growing each year.


The board was established in 2006 to help fill the cracks of the recognition system, serving interdisciplinary and student groups with members from both graduate and undergraduate schools.[1][2] The IGB is overseen by the Office of Civic Action and Engagement and the University Senate.


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