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Isabel Sepulveda (CC '21) was the EIC of Bwog from winter of 2020 through October 2020. Before becoming EIC, Isabel was the Events Editor. Hit by the COVID-19 pandemic early in their term, Isabel helped shift Bwog online when students were sent home. Known for their chaotic good energy, love of D&D, and always-cheerful demeanor, Isabel led Bwog through tumultuous times.

After the dissolution of Columbia University Marching Band, Isabel was faced with accusations of conflict of interest, as they had previously served on the band's Bored. On October 22nd 2020, Bwog announced that Isabel would be stepping down from their position and would be dismissed from Bwog. [1] They were succeeded by their Managing Editor, Eva Sher.

Isabel's board consisted of Eva Sher as Managing Editor and Vivian Zhou as Internal Editor.

Preceded by
Jenny Zhu
Bwog Editor 
Succeeded by
Eva Sher