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JuicyCampus is a site where people can post gossip about college students. Some students at Columbia feel upset about the gossip and have campaigned to ban the site.

On 2 March 2008, CCSC discussed the website at their weekly meeting, and according to some reports they voted 25 to 15 to ban the site. Then, on 23 March 2008, Gothamist reported that CCSC discussed the website, this time voting 25 to 12 to ban it [what? another vote?].[1] This turned how to be inaccurate though, because according to Alidad Damooei, quoted on Bwog, CCSC has not decided to ban the site.[2] This is all very confusing. Have CCSC voted to ban JuicyCampus or not? Either way, they're drawing a lot of attention to the website.

It remains to be seen whether CUIT will go ahead and implement any ban by CCSC.

As of September 2013, the website no longer appears to exist and instead links to an advertisement for a book written by the apparent founder of JuicyCampus.


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