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Julius Genachowski CC '85 was the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission from 2009-2013. He was also a member of the advisory board for Barack Obama's transition team. Genachowski earned a JD from Harvard, where he worked under Obama at the law review, and was General Counsel for the FCC. He has since been in private enterprise.

At Columbia, Genachowski graduated magna cum laude with a degree in history. He was also a Speccie, and in his final semester, revived Columbia's first student paper Acta Columbiana, which had been out of print for 100 years since it was driven out of business and absorbed by Spectator. Genachowski claimed that Spectator had gotten stale and needed competition, "based on the simple notion that monopolies are bad." A fitting attitude for a future telecommunications regulator. Unfortunately, Acta would be disbanded again by October 1986.[1]