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Kitchenette was a tasty and bright little restaurant on Amsterdam Avenue, between 122nd St and 123rd St. It was an uptown spin-off of the location in TriBeCa. It closed in August of 2019, citing an 'impossible economic climate'.

Kitchenette offered a wide variety of "comfort foods", but truly shined in the brunch department. Portions were very generous, pancakes were fluffy and huge, butter was creamy and you would know it was bad for you when you ate it, omelettes were big and tasty, and there were a variety of salads if you wanted to avoid a heart attack. They sometimes offered a great early-dinner special, which would get you soup, salad, and dinner for $10. If you were in the mood for a little mid-day snack, the place had some decent pies.

Kitchenette was a also a bakery of sorts, with delectable breads and deserts. The cakes were simple yet sinfully delicious. If your RA asked for study break suggestions, you should have immediately demand Kitchenette Cakes with cold Milk.If you were there to sit down, you could sample the chocolate chip pecan pancakes with caramel butter syrup. But you shouldn't have gone on a tight budget-the prices were a little steep.

On the weekends, one had to be prepared to go early as the breakfast and brunch crowds filled up the small restaurant early.


<googlemap lat="40.811073" lon="-73.95818" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.811073, -73.95818, Kitchenette </googlemap>

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