Lewisohn Hall

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Lewisohn Hall
Lewisohn Hall
Workers preparing Le Marteleur in order to move it in front of Mudd Hall

Lewisohn Hall is named after Adolph Lewisohn, who helped fund the building's construction. The building was not originally named after Lewisohn since he was Jewish. Lewisohn was allowed to pick his own architect though and to propose an original design. He picked Arnold Brunner, who did a marvelous job replicating the McKim, Mead, and White-style pavilions to the last detail. The building was completed in 1905.

The building currently houses both the School of General Studies and the School of Continuing Education. GS moved into the building in 1963. The building previously housed the School of Mines. The Language Resource Center West and the Learning Center can also be found here. The 3rd, campus, floor features the General Studies Lounge, a common room for students in GS. Upper floors feature GS admissions, advising, financial aid, and the dean's office.

Until early 2007, there was a bust of Adolph Lewisohn on the third floor. Rubbing its bald head was said to bring students good luck.