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Lion Laundry is a local, on-campus laundry service for students of Columbia University and Barnard College.

Subscribed students simply leave their laundry outside the doors to their rooms on their scheduled days and it is picked up, professionally washed, dried, and folded, and then returned to their door all in under 36 hours. Lion Laundry refers to this as their no-hassle, "Door-to-Drawer" service.

LionLaundry claims that pricing for the service is among the best in the area and is definitely better than bringing you clothes to a local laundromat. However, the weekly price is between $16.95/week and $21.95/week, so this is almost certainly more expensive than doing laundry yourself.

The customer service is very personable. Because the business is run on-campus, Lion Laundry is able to quickly and easily react to almost any issue that may arise. Also the bags they give out are huge and because the company works with an average pound allotment per week, on any given week you can stuff the bag as full as you would like.

For further information on the company you can visit their website or send emails to either or

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