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The Living-Learning Center (LLC) comprises Hartley and Wallach residence halls. The LLC generally has more community programming and floor events than other dorms, although these are seldom (if ever) mandatory. It houses a portion of first year students, as well as sophomores, juniors and seniors. Few student actually comply with these requirements, as the Resident Advisers don't really want to do it either, let alone force others to participate. LLC administration has attempted to crack down on this by making the LLC application ridiculously long to discourage students who just want the room. As a result, applications have plunged in the last two years. Some say that the residents are actually more dedicated now, but many residents say otherwise. The LLC tends to be short on freshman who want to live there, and is sometimes the university is forced to place freshman there who would rather live somewhere else (John Jay).

Advantages and disadvantages of living in the LLC


  • Great suite lounges that feel like a real living room.
  • Kitchen and bathroom are in the suite, so you can cook and don't have to traipse down a long corridor in a bathrobe.
  • About half of the rooms for freshmen are singles.
  • The LLC is more sociable than John Jay Hall and Furnald Hall (but less than Carman Hall).
  • The elevator is reliable (but damn slow).
  • Piano in the Wallach lounge and pool + ping-pong tables in the Hartley lounge
  • Best chance to get a single if you're a sophomore.


  • Bathrooms are co-ed, but you get used to it.
  • Suite common areas end up pretty dirty because not everyone in the suite are friends.
  • There's more "community programming" events and stuff than in other dorms, since it's supposed to be the "Living-Learning Center". Nobody takes it seriously, not even the RAs.
  • Hartley has a significant population of large and territorial cockroaches. You've been warned.

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