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The Materials Science and Engineering Program (MatSci) is offered by the Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Department in SEAS. The program focuses on the understanding, synthesis, and processing of advanced materials. Students in materials science make use of the Robert A. W. Carleton Strength of Materials Laboratory in the basement of Mudd for research.

The program offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. in Materials Science. The number of undergraduates per year can generally be counted on one hand.

Faculty (with departmental affiliation)

  • William E. Bailey (App Physc & App Math )
  • Daniel N. Beshers (Earth and Environ Engineering )
  • Simon Billinge (App Physc & App Math )
  • Siu-Wai Chan (App Physc & App Math )
  • James Sungbin Im (App Physc & App Math )
  • Chris Marianetti (App Physic & App Math )
  • Gertrude Neumark (App Physc & App Math )
  • Ismail C. Noyan (App Physc & App Math )
  • Irving P Herman (App Physc & App Math )
  • Paul F. Duby (Earth and Environ Engineering)

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