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Morningside Heights is Columbia's neighborhood. It is a distinct neighborhood located between the Upper West Side and Harlem neighborhoods of Manhattan. It is roughly bounded by 110th Street, 123rd Street, Riverside Drive, and Morningside Drive.

Morningside Heights is home to several academic institutions, and is therefore sometimes referred to as the "Academic Acropolis". The most prominent campus is Columbia's Morningside Heights campus.



In the post-war years, white flight from New York City resulted in changing characteristics of the Morningside Heights neighborhood. Most notably, landlords converted apartment buildings in the neighborhood into Single Room Occupancy (SRO) 'hotels'. The changes in the neighborhood and poor living conditions of the SROs prompted the Spectator to run an 18-part series in 1958 titled "Slums on Morningside" authored by then-news editor, and future post-keynsian economist Alfred Eichner.[1] Faculty decried the quality of housing and public schools in the neighborhood.[2]

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