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Morton Williams University Supermarket is a supermarket on Broadway between 115th and 116th St, right across from campus. Its phone number is 212-666-4190. Very bright lights. It's cramped, it's expensive, but it's so damn convenient. And they do manage to fit a very wide selection in the narrow aisles. Alcoholics beware: no beer between midnight and noon on Sundays.

History as University Food Market

The supermarket used to be known as University Food Market or just UFM before it was bought by Associated Supermarkets and rebranded as one of their Morton Williams stores. Out-of-touch professors still refer to "UFM" in class. As for students, when the class of 2007 graduated, UFM was erased from collective student memory.


<googlemap lat="40.807573" lon="-73.964561" type="map" zoom="16" width="500" height="300" controls="small"> 40.807573, -73.964561, Morton Williams </googlemap>