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Columbia University's Music Performance Program (MPP) is a division of the Department of Music that offers opportunities for music majors and other students with a strong musical background to cultivate their musical interests through performance.

The does one begin describing the MPP?

(The MPP is flawless.) (The MPP has over 100 students and too few practice rooms #JustColumbiaProblems) (I hear Director Magdalena Stern-Baczewska's pianist/harpsichordist fingers are insured for $10,000.) (I hear the MPP does Carnegie Hall.) (The office's favorite snack is dark chocolate.) (One time, Dr. Stern-Baczewska played with the San Francisco Symphony...and they told her she was amazing.)

(One time, Jane sent an email in SHOUTY CAPITALS. It was awesome.)

As Columbia offers no formal Music Performance major or degree, and is not affiliated with any conservatory (even if Juilliard is just a subway ride away), the MPP is the ideal home for students whose academic and musical interests align and are of equal intensity. Student performers participate in a variety of activities, such as chamber music, world music, jazz, as well as orchestra, chorus, and individual instrumental instruction, all the while majoring in everything from Mathematics to Physics to Earth Science to Russian. The MPP is as close as Columbia gets to its claims of "all of New York City is our campus" littering its glossy admission brochures - proven by such venues as Carnegie Hall, Alice Tully Hall, and Symphony Space.

Under the direction of Dr. Magdalena Stern-Baczewska a.k.a. Queen, the program seeks to enable students to develop as musicians within the academic setting of Columbia. The program provides a wide array of opportunities for musical instruction, participation, and performance. Also known as "The Queens' Chamber," the Program's main office in 618 Dodge is a hub of creativity, friendship, dark chocolate, and office supplies (and the occasional cry of despair at yet another typo on a concert program).