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Founded: 1982
Recognition: ABC
Membership: Anonymous
Executive Board: Faith Ajayi, Director
TJ Gill, Director
Category: Special interest
1(301)-715-8592 (Zoom Audio)
Meeting ID: 919 6449 3783

Nightline is a confidential, nonjudgmental peer counseling hotline that primarily serves the Barnard College and Columbia University communities and their affiliates. It allows students to get support on any issue from an anonymous counselor who is also an undergraduate student. Nightline supports its callers by providing both a listening and referral service.

During the pandemic, Nightline has had to adjust its hours, which are now 5-7 p.m. on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Additionally, Nightline now hosts its calls anonymously with Zoom's audio features. The phone number to call during the pandemic is 1 (301)-715-8592, and the Meeting ID to enter when prompted is 919 6449 3783. Details can be found on Nightline's website (

Historically, Nightline counselors could be reached at 212-854-7777 every night of the academic year between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m. Normal operations are expected to resume once campus is fully in-person.


Students and Columbia community members should call Nightline if they need an anonymous, non-judgmental, and extensively trained peer to listen to them talk about any number of issues ranging from relationship problems or stress about midterms to issues surrounding sexual identity, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts or feelings of depression. Nightline reminds Columbia/Barnard students: “You don't need to be going through a crisis to call; sometimes it just helps to talk to somebody.”


The Nightline listeners are student volunteers and not professionals, though they do undergo a semester-long training process.

In order to maintain anonymity, listeners are prohibited from disclosing their involvement in Nightline to any other Columbia student for the duration of their time with the organization. The callers are not asked to reveal their identity, nor do the counselors have any means of identifying the callers. Since the directors of the organization are publicly known, they do not take calls.

Barnard, Columbia College, GS, and SEAS undergraduates can train to be Nightline counselors if they have four or more semesters remaining as undergraduates. Training takes place every semester. Informational meetings are held in early September and late January. Interested students should attend an info session, visit the website, or e-mail the directors at to find out more about the training process.

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