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Niko Cunningham GS '08 was the Student Body President of the School of General Studies (for 2007-08).

His leadership apparently came under attack, leading to impeachment proceedings to remove him from office.[1] Cunningham was eventually impeached in April 2008, and GSSC VP of Policy Nancy Saunders replaced him as president. The vote was considered heavily controversial as Niko Cunningham's supporters had already left the meeting and were not present to vote. The Student Body, in a survey, heavily supported Niko Cunningham's leadership. It is believed that the fierce political back-and-forth of potential financial aid for non-traditional students and the burned bridges the hot topic created, led to the events. During the 2007-2008 School Year, hunger strikes, the President of Iran's visit to Columbia, and hate crimes, in addition to financial aid tested students' mettle and tolerance. [2]

Preceded by
Susannah Karlsson
GSSC Student Body President 
Succeeded by
Nancy Saunders