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Nora Habboosh, CC '14 is from Hamden, Connecticut and majoring in Political Science while also Pre-Med. She serves as the Community Adviser of Carman, the CCSC Academic Affairs Representative, and President of the Political Science Students Association. She is one of the kindest, wittiest, funniest, and most brilliant people you will meet at Columbia. She is also a member of the Columbia Choir, Editorial Assistant for SIPAs Journal of International Affairs, and Global Health columnist for the Columbia Political Review.

Nora was awarded both the David B. Truman Alumni Award and the Charles M. Rolker Jr. Prize on Class Day. Also won the Kings Crown Leadership Excellence Award.

She has done research on cardiovascular disease, public health, and international relations, is a certified EMT, has mentored hundreds of first years, and has been known to be somewhat of a Columbia Admirers celebrity.