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The Class of 1957 leads the Parade of Classes at CC Class Day 2007

The Parade of Classes is a Class Day tradition at Columbia College, and one that has been started recently at SEAS. Following the procession of graduating students, alumni representing each class march, carrying banners with their class year. The Parade of Classes is always led by the graduating class' grandfather class, the class that's celebrating its 50th anniversary that year.

Parade of Classes type events have a long history at many colleges, but not so at Columbia, where the tradition was only established (or perhaps revived) in 2004, as one of many small gestures the school has been making to build a sense of tradition and history, and strengthen alumni ties to the school.[1][2]

An abbreviated version of the parade takes place during Convocation, when the incoming freshman class is welcomed by the banner-bearing members of its grandfather class.


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