Perspectives on Diversity

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In addition to Days on Campus, each April, Columbia holds Perspectives on Diversity the day before, an event designed to give admitted students of color and their families a taste of the university atmosphere.


Perspectives on Diversity is overall similar to Days on Campus, but with more programming specific to students of color. This includes student group performances, a cultural club activities fair, and free food.

Columbia offers students the option of staying the weekend in one of the residence halls with a current undergraduate, usually a member of the Multicultural Recruitment Committee. This is a good opportunity to meet future friends and get a glimpse of Columbia student life from the inside.

Days on Campus is divided into Columbia College Days on Campus and Engineering Days on Campus. Perspectives on Diversity will be in between these events, so you can meet people from both colleges. It is the best part of the entire stay with an utterly amazing culture show at the end. Don't miss out, you have to specifically sign up for Perspectives on Diversity in addition to Days on Campus so do it!