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The Political Science Department was founded in 1880, and was the first of its kind in the country. Today, it is one of Columbia's largest and most popular departments. According to the Columbia Daily Spectator Political Science was the most popular major for CC students in 2004.[1] In a Political Studies Review ranking of international political science programs' impact in the field, Columbia was ranked first among the top 200 departments worldwide [2].

The department is located on the seventh floor of IAB.

Professors, courses and majors in the department fall into one of four subfields:

In addition, courses are offered in quantitative (statistics-based) political science, though it's unclear if one can make this one's major subfield.


The Political Science Department was founded in 1880. It became the Department of Public Law and Government after the History Department was split from it in 1897, and reverted back to its original name sometime after the early 1970s.


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